Far East Spices Shine Bright at the Next Chef's Diner

Our Chefs have announced the June's Chefs Dinner will be held Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30 p.m. For those who haven't joined us before, the Chef's Dinner is a once monthly event at Sargasso. Our Chefs are frequently inspired by certain regions of the world, styles of cuisine or ingredients. The Chefs Dinner allows them to explore off-menu themes and share adventurous food with diners.

June's dinner will focus on Chef Dave Halterman's favorite region of the culinary world, India. He will be exploring the vibrant cuisine of India with traditional dishes from several regions. With a long and rich cultural history, India has developed a beautifully diverse culinary landscape with some of the exciting flavors. Chef Halterman will be creating some of his past favorites as well as experimenting with new dishes. June's dinner is 5 courses and will be $75 excluding tax, alcohol and gratuity.

The Chef's dinner has been occurring monthly since Fall 2016 and sells out very quickly. Seating is limited and reservations cannot be made online. Please call 304.554.0100 today to reserve your seats.

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