Detox Lessons: Reflecting on the Clean Program

Now I understand why people participate in the Clean program over and over again. It is eye opening. My goal entering the program was to closely observe how my body functioned and compare that to how I feel in my regular life. I was skeptical about the use of the word “detox” but it is an appropriate description of what happened to my body during Clean. There is no denying that I had increased mental and physical clarity, more energy and I slept better. Although weight loss was not a goal, I also lost six pounds.

It’s been several weeks since I completed the program and I’ve reintroduced all the foods I had eliminated. The most significant aha moment was the day I reintroduced caffeine. Coffee was the item I missed the most over the 21 day period, even more than cheese! I’ll admit I was pretty excited for that first cup of delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain. To my surprise, it didn’t turn out to be as satisfying as I expected. The caffeine made me feel jittery and tired, but it wasn’t until the next day that I observed the full effects. I felt unwell for the first time in three weeks. My mind felt fuzzy, unfocused and I had a headache. It was like a hangover and equally as unpleasant.

The big take away from Clean is that our daily habits have a significant impact on how well our bodies work. Clean allows us to become aware of how certain things affect our systems. Now that I know how well my mind and body can function, I’ve modified my habits to treat myself better. Caffeine is no longer a daily routine although I still drink and love coffee. I consume less dairy and less alcohol and I’ve lost ten pounds. I feel lighter, brighter, healthier and most importantly, happier. I have highly recommended Clean to friends and would describe it as a jump start to mind / body awareness.

If you’re interested in participating in a future Sargasso Cleanse subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page. We email subscribers when we have special events coming up. If you have specific questions, about how the Cleanse works give us a call and ask to speak with a manager. Thanks for coming with me on this journey! I look forward to participating in Clean again and sharing my experience with you.

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