No One's Perfect

If you're reading this from somewhere in the northeast, you’ve survived winter storm Jonas! In Morgantown, W.Va., snow started falling late in the afternoon Friday and steadily fell until Saturday afternoon. My unofficial backyard count put the final accumulation somewhere around 18”.

I’ll come right out and be honest. I found it relatively easy to stick to the Clean food program and avoid the food items on the exclude list…until this weekend. I’m not sure if it was just that I reached a breaking point where I was really craving bread and cheese for the first time, or if it was being trapped in my home for two and a half days, but I cheated. On Sunday when everyone got back from skiing, we ventured out to Buffalo Wild Wings. I enjoyed every moment while I was eating the forbidden food and drinking a beer, but regretted it almost immediately. Not because of the guilt but because I actually felt awful. I went to bed with stomach pain and woke up at 4 a.m., unable to fall back to sleep.

My dinner Sunday was basically the anti-clean. It’s not surprising that these items made me feel the way they did. What was really interesting is that in my day-to-day life, I’d say I eat “bar food” at least once a week. Never have I had such an intense reaction.

Clean has been a welcome return to mindful eating. Monday morning I was actually looking forward to my cold pressed juice and prepared meals from Chef Thomas at Sargasso. I was craving fresh vegetables! Lunch consisted of a beet, bean and spinach salad. It was fresh, savory and satisfying. In spite of my slip up this weekend, I am committed to finishing the program strong. Stay tuned for wrap-up posts and to those of you who stayed committed this weekend during the storm, I commend you!

Cold Pressed Juice, purchased at Kroger

Vegtable Gulyasz with Smashed Parsnips, Prepared by Sargasso and Grilled Organic Chicken, prepared by me

Curry Vegtable Bean Soup, Prepared by Sargasso

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