Sargasso Cleanse
Sargasso Cleanse
Sargasso Cleanse
Sargasso Cleanse
Sargasso Cleanse
Sargasso Cleanse

Bliss - Sargasso Cleanse

January 15-February 5, 2020

Registration is Open 

Commit to healthful and joyful eating! 

Ready to eat CLEAN? Short on time to meal prep? The Bliss/Sargasso CLEANSE is a 21-day, clean eating program based on the best-selling book, “Clean”, by Dr. Alejandro Junger. We are so excited to bring this program back in 2020!

The Bliss/Sargasso Cleanse offers so much support. Participants will uncover many benefits from eating “Clean”.  There is no calorie restriction in this program. It is not a diet. This is not about weight loss, although many do experience this.

THIS Clean will begin right after the new year, when our holiday eating has left us feeling sluggish. We begin on January 15 and go until February 5. Some have experienced life-changing medical breakthroughs on this program.  Many people lose weight, but more importantly, they feel lighter, freer and much more energetic during The Clean. 


The Bliss – Sargasso cleanse offers participants:


  • A supported way to eat whole, minimally processed food prepared with skill and love for 21 days

  • An emailed program guide at the start of the program and periodic guided support through the program event page on Facebook 

  • Discovery how certain foods are impacting mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual health

  • Discounts from Bliss on Bodywork, Yoga and Sauna sessions during the cleanse

How to say YES to clean eating:


1. Contact BlissBlissBliss to register by March 20: 304-413-0270 or register online 

   Bliss Coordinator: MaryAngel Blount. Registration deadline is January 9, 2020. 


2. Contact Sargasso to purchase your meal plan by March 20: 304.554.0100

    Ask for a manager and mention the Sargasso-Bliss Cleanse


Base Program Total Cost: $460

This includes the following:

Registration: $40, non-refundable deposit payable to Bliss

Sargasso Meal Support: $420, payable to Sargasso following registration confirmation

Meal support from Sargasso is a 21 day program and includes six lunches and six soups for dinner (per week) all made by the talented chefs at Sargasso. All meals are vegan (no dairy or animal products), gluten-free, sugar-free, contain no nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes), soy-free, and peanut-free. Chef's note: due to the nature of the program, we are not able to accommodate food allergies or special meal requests. 


Participants will make their own meals on Sunday and their own breakfast meals each day, either a smoothie or blended soup (extra soup may be ordered for an additional cost from Sargasso). 

Recommended Reading:

"Clean" by Dr. Junger  View on Amazon


Read about the Clean experience from a Sargasso staffer who tried it: Click Here

Meal Pick-ups (two per week at Sargasso):

Sundays, 4-6 pm
Wednesday, 4-6 pm 

Add Weekly Additional Meal Support to the Base Program

Extra Soup $5 per pint, $10 per quart

Pudding $5 per pint, $10 per quart (These sugar-free, sweet treats are a favorite of returning participants.)

Hummus $5 per pint, $10 per quart

Chicken Breast $5 ea. (If you choose to add meat)