Beer List

"He was a wise man who invented beer." -Plato










Beer List


Our goal at Sargasso first and foremost is to bring you the highest quality beer available. Our area provides us unique oppurtunities to provide you with local breweries finest. Including, Mountain State Brewing, Morgantown Brewing, and Rivertowne Brewing beer. We believe these are among some of the best beers available anywhere, which is why they are available through us. We do not carry more beers than any other place in town, but we like to think, we offer a good selection for anybody. Our staff will be happy to give you flavor and taste profiles for any of our fine brews. 






All of our distributors are West Virginia companies employing workers who support our state. The relationships we build with our distributors allows Sargasso to provide you some of the world's best beer fresh everyday. At Sargasso we take great pride in everything we do, and our relationships help us convey that quality. 






At Sargasso, our ownership and staff work together to provide you with best dining experience possible. We think of ourselves as a family, taking care of our guests. And knowing about the beers we sell and how they go along with our menu is paramount to care of our guests. Feel free to ask our knowledgeable staff about any recommendations or requests you may have.